Bogohack believes in collaborative learning, free knowledge, and learning by doing.

Why learn by doing?

The decrease in the costs of production, distribution, and marketing of components for the construction of technology in the world, in addition to the new phenomenon of “Open Hardware”, which encourages the construction of the technology in homes or small workshops, relying on the formation of collaborative communities that learn and teach you to build, generate a phenomenon that has been called the third industrial revolution.

Hence the need to encourage young Colombians to get involved with this new movement, with this industrial revolution that will displace manufacturing from producing countries, anywhere in the world, the great pioneers of technology can be and from now on the great ideas.

It is a big opportunity for the Latin american countries, where the problems of technological development and systematization of industrial processes are well-known and experienced by all, is now the time where you have to give you the confidence, knowledge, and tools to the new generations so that they start to develop technology, in their countries, for which the solutions are generated where there are needs, just to the extent of the same, and with costs and time of developing and implementing competitive with the global market.